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A global campaign has been initiated to foster the sustainable development of Asian heritage.

The official launch of the “Shared Vision” global initiative, which aims to promote sustainable development of Asian heritage, has been announced. The National Cultural Heritage Administration of China is providing its support to this initiative. The Asian Fund for Cultural Heritage Conservation, in collaboration with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Alliance for Cultural Heritage in Asia, the Chinese Museums Association, and ICOMOS China, is organizing this initiative.

The primary goal of the “Shared Vision” initiative is to identify and promote exemplary cases of heritage conservation across Asia. It aims to highlight best practices in heritage conservation and innovation while supporting their development and enhancement through the Asian Fund for Cultural Heritage Conservation. The initiative seeks to implement sustainable development concepts for the preservation of cultural heritage throughout Asia.

According to the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Foundation, the program intends to establish a “Shared Vision” for the future by connecting Asian civilizations. It aims to demonstrate the role of sustainable development in the conservation of cultural heritage, contributing to people’s livelihoods, social development, and the protection of valuable heritage. The initiative also aims to showcase the harmonious prosperity, close unity, and shared destiny of Asian civilizations.

The initiative invites submissions that focus on outstanding cases of cultural heritage or mixed heritage properties in Asian countries already listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List or the Tentative Lists. Additionally, submissions that integrate World Natural Heritage properties with cultural elements are encouraged. The submitted cases should demonstrate clear implementation effects and should be completed or have achieved significant results within five years.

Following the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO’s announcement of “The Next 50 Years” of the World Heritage Convention in 2022, the submitted cases should revolve around the sustainable development of World Heritage. Specifically, they should align with one of the following five themes: Contributions through Collaborations, Enhancing Resilience, Scientific and Technological Innovation, Communication and Education, or Prosperity and Development.

The submitted cases can cover various areas, including collaborative archaeological research, collaborative World Heritage nomination, heritage conservation, heritage presentation, international assistance, disaster prevention and mitigation, post-disaster restoration, heritage digitization, display, public education, public communication, youth education, and community development.

Selected cases will receive project funding from the Asian Fund for Cultural Heritage Conservation based on the future work plan and budget submitted during the application process. The funding amount ranges from 300,000 yuan ($41,779) to 1 million yuan, depending on the level of the selected cases.

Applicants can find detailed application requirements on the official website of the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Foundation (

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