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Cosin initiates the assembly process for two out of three 100MW Xinjiang tower CSP projects, involving the construction of heliostats.

Cosin Solar Successfully Assembles Heliostats for Two CSP Projects in Xinjiang Cosin Solar, a leading renewable energy company, has achieved a major milestone in the construction of two concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in Xinjiang, China. On January 24th, the first set of heliostats for the 100MW CT CSP project of the POWERCHINA Turpan Tuokexun […]

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A survey reveals that university researchers experience a sense of helplessness when it comes to implementing action.

University researchers in the UK face significant challenges when it comes to taking action against climate change, despite their desire to do so. Many academics are concerned about climate change but encounter various barriers to changing their habits, such as the pressure to travel. For example, a climate researcher conducting fieldwork overseas wanted to use […]

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Billboard highlights Warner Music’s Sustainability Plans in 2023 Environmental Report

Warner Music Group has released its 2023 ESG report, highlighting its plans and goals for its workforce, artists, and environmental impact. The report emphasizes the company’s commitment to mitigating the effects of the climate crisis and fostering cross-industry cooperation to minimize the environmental impacts of music production and distribution. One of the key initiatives outlined […]

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Jordan’s Irbid Governorate in the northwest region is confronted with a range of difficulties arising from climate change, urbanization, and forced displacement.

Attachments Adam-Bradford, A.; Schindler, Alexandra; Anagreh, Abdullah; Ruckstuhl, Sandra In the past ten years, the Irbid Governorate in Jordan has undergone rapid urbanization, transforming from mountain villages and border towns to a bustling city. During this period, Irbid’s population has doubled due to the influx of people fleeing the Syrian War. As a result, the […]

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According to a modeling study, it has been discovered that Geoengineering could potentially decelerate the rate of ice sheet loss in Greenland.

One of the many effects of global warming is sea-level rise due to the melting and retreat of the Earth’s ice sheets and glaciers. As the sea level rises, large areas of densely populated coastal land could ultimately become uninhabitable without extensive coastal modification. In order to stave off this possibility, carbon emissions need to […]

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