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Billboard highlights Warner Music’s Sustainability Plans in 2023 Environmental Report

Warner Music Group has released its 2023 ESG report, highlighting its plans and goals for its workforce, artists, and environmental impact. The report emphasizes the company’s commitment to mitigating the effects of the climate crisis and fostering cross-industry cooperation to minimize the environmental impacts of music production and distribution.

One of the key initiatives outlined in the report is the company’s goal to source 100% renewable energy for its operations by 2030. Warner Music Group plans to first implement this initiative in its global offices and workspaces before extending it to its owned and operated facilities. The company also aims to decarbonize its workplaces through the use of 100% renewable energy-based power.

The report mentions Warner Music Group’s involvement in the Music Industry Climate Collective, a collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. This working group aims to develop and implement guidelines for calculating Scope 3 GHG emissions within the recorded music industry. Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect emissions that occur in the value chain, such as those from product manufacturing, distribution, and licensing.

Warner Music Group has also partnered with MIT, Live Nation, Coldplay, and Hope Solutions to understand and mitigate the environmental impact of live events. The company aims to increase public transportation utilization by 20% at its live events. As a result, Warner Music Finland Live has already partnered with Helsinki City Public Transportation to provide fans with free public transportation included in their concert tickets.

The report highlights the company’s efforts to collect, analyze, and review its environmental impact data. In 2023, Warner Music Group had its data independently reviewed and assured by a third-party auditor for the first time. The company reports that it has made significant progress in collecting and analyzing its Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions data, resulting in an overall decrease in emissions for 2023.

Employee-driven initiatives have also contributed to the company’s sustainability efforts. The U.K. Wrights Lane office has eliminated single-use plastic and switched to reusable cutlery and serveware. The France office has eliminated paper cups and improved waste management to increase recycling.

Regarding sustainable products and merchandise, Warner Music Group is working on an industry-first method of creating vinyl albums using PVC alternatives. The company is collaborating with its artists and songwriters who are increasingly interested in sharing music with their fans in a sustainable way.

To read the full report, click here.

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