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Young elites are engaging in protests that go against their own best interests.

Something is amiss with the minds of young “elites.” These individuals, who possess at least one postgraduate degree, earn over $150,000 annually, and reside in or near cities, seem to inhabit a different reality. In this alternate reality, fear and loathing dominate their thoughts.

These elites are terrified of climate change, perceiving every summer storm or winter blizzard as a portent of doom. They still suffer from nightmares about COVID, and some continue to wear masks out of apprehension for the predicted rise of Disease X. They are willing to sacrifice their own freedom, as well as ours, in exchange for the government’s promise to protect them from these perceived dangers.

But above all, they fear mainstream America, the same people whom Barack Obama famously dismissed as “clinging to guns and religion.” These overeducated snobs revel in Joe Biden’s denunciation of half of their fellow Americans as “MAGA extremists.” They truly despise the general population.

To truly grasp the extent to which America’s young elites are out of touch with reality, one need only examine a recent survey conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, founded by economist Stephen Moore. Pollster Scott Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 elites who fit the aforementioned profile, with a closer focus on those who attended elite schools like Stanford or Harvard.

These “super elites,” as they can be called, proved to be even more outlandish than their counterparts. For instance, their concern about climate change has reached such heights that they are willing to forgo air conditioning, air travel, gas-powered cars, and many other modern conveniences. Moreover, they are determined to impose these sacrifices on the general population as well.

A staggering 72% of elites, and a whopping 81% of super elites, support banning the use of gas-powered vehicles for family trips to places like Disney World. Almost as many would prohibit vacationers from flying to destinations like Hawaii. But it doesn’t end there. In their efforts to “combat climate change,” 77% of elites and nearly 90% of super elites are in favor of rationing gas, energy, and even meat. The stories about being forced to eat insects instead of beef are not a mere exaggeration. If the elites had their way, you would already be pouring milk on your bowl of Captain Crunchy Bugs.

Another astounding aspect of these elites is their unwavering trust in the government. Despite the mismanagement of various issues like the COVID pandemic, the border crisis, the economy, and foreign policy, among others, 70% of elites still believe that Washington “does the right thing most of the time.” Meanwhile, only a third of all Americans maintain such trust, and even that can be seen as gullibility.

This trust in the government extends to education as well. By a two-to-one margin, elites believe that school administrators and teachers should have the final say in what children are taught, rather than parents. This contradicts the views of ordinary Americans who worry about woke indoctrination replacing traditional education.

However, what truly astounded me was the elites’ response to the question, “Does the United States provide too much individual freedom, too much government control, or is the balance about right?” Ordinary Americans tend to value freedom and either express concerns about government overreach or believe that the balance is just right. After all, they understand that they are citizens of a country founded on the promise of liberty. The elites, on the other hand, disagree. Almost half of them, and nearly six out of every ten super elites, think that Americans have too much individual freedom. It is disconcerting to realize that nearly half of our elites now share this view with Chinese Communist Party officials, who condemn America using the same terms.

This explains why elites despise mainstream Americans. Not only do they vehemently disagree with the majority on almost every issue, but they also believe that their prestigious degrees in fields like journalism or gender studies grant them the right to control us. As their intellectual, cultural, and moral inferiors, we are expected to submit to their enlightened rule. “Wear the mask, sheep. Eat the bugs, peasant.”

This disdain for democracy is another manifestation of their hostility. In America, the people are supposed to be sovereign, not some self-appointed aristocracy. Despite their deficient math skills, which are not improved by gender studies courses, elites can count, and they understand that we, the regular, working-class, and rural Americans, vastly outnumber them. And we always will. This is why they are so afraid.

In conclusion, it is clear that the minds of young elites have been distorted by fear and loathing. Their alternate reality is fueled by climate change anxiety, COVID nightmares, and a disdain for mainstream America. They are willing to sacrifice their own freedom and impose strict measures on the general population. Moreover, their unwavering trust in the government and willingness to surrender individual freedom reveal a dangerous inclination towards authoritarianism. Their hostility towards democracy and their belief in their own superiority further highlight their detachment from reality. Ultimately, their fear stems from the realization that they are outnumbered by ordinary Americans who value freedom and refuse to submit to their elitist rule.

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