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Witness the instance when climate activists hurl a bowl of soup towards the iconic ‘Mona Lisa’ painting in Paris.

Two climate activists caused a disturbance at the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday when they threw soup at the glass protecting the iconic “Mona Lisa” painting. The women, identified by the words “FOOD RIPOSTE” written on their T-shirts, managed to pass under a security barrier and approached the painting before launching their protest.

Video footage of the incident was shared on social media, capturing the moment when the activists hurled soup at the protective glass surrounding Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. They shouted slogans advocating for a sustainable food system and questioned whether art or the right to a healthy and sustainable food was more important.

The activists expressed their concerns about the current state of the farming system, stating that it is in poor health and causing harm to farmers. “Our farming system is sick. Our farmers are dying at work,” they exclaimed. The disruption prompted Louvre employees to quickly respond, placing black panels in front of the painting and asking visitors to leave the room.

Following the incident, two individuals were arrested by the Paris police. The Food Riposte group, responsible for the protest, criticized the French government on their website, accusing it of failing to fulfill climate commitments. They called for the implementation of a state-sponsored health care system that would ensure better access to healthy food for the public while providing farmers with a decent income.

In recent days, French farmers have expressed their frustration by using their tractors to set up road blockades and disrupt traffic across the country. They are demanding improved remuneration for their produce, less bureaucracy, and protection against cheap imports. Additionally, they have dumped agricultural waste at the gates of government offices to emphasize their grievances.

The incident at the Louvre Museum highlights the growing concerns surrounding the need for a more sustainable food system and the challenges faced by farmers. As climate activists continue to push for change, it remains to be seen how governments and institutions will respond to these demands.

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