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The world’s first sustainable jet fuel factory of its kind is established in Rural Georgia.

Georgia is now home to the world’s first sustainable jet fuel factory that utilizes “alcohol-to-jet” technology. LanzaJet, based in suburban Chicago, unveiled its Freedom Pines facility in rural Soperton, Georgia. The facility is located between Savannah and Macon and is expected to produce lower-carbon jet fuel for commercial aircraft.

The sustainable jet fuel, also known as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), produced at Freedom Pines will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% compared to conventional jet fuel. This is a significant milestone for the aviation and energy industries, as the development and research for this project have been ongoing for 14 years in collaboration with the federal government’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The Freedom Pines facility will produce 9 million gallons of SAF and 1 million gallons of renewable diesel fuel each year. The ethanol used in the production process will come from feedstocks such as corn and soybeans, as well as niche crops specifically grown for SAF production, like carinata.

The federal government has set a goal for the aviation sector to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To accomplish this, sustainable aviation fuel is essential. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack emphasized the importance of sustainable aviation fuel in achieving a net-zero future for the transportation sector.

The construction of the Freedom Pines facility, which began in August 2022, is almost complete. LanzaJet anticipates that SAF production will begin by the end of March. The local economy in Treutlen County is expected to benefit from the facility, with an estimated $5 million in new wages and $70 million in annual economic activity. The facility will create 30 direct jobs and 30-50 indirect jobs.

Georgia has become an attractive location for clean energy investments, with several companies choosing to establish operations in the state. This includes Rivian, Hyundai, SK Battery, and the largest solar plant in North America.

Last November, Georgia made history with the world’s first transatlantic flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel. A Gulfstream jet successfully completed an experimental flight from Savannah to Farnborough Airport near London.

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