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The offshore Norway trial of a floating solar energy pilot has successfully concluded.

Fred. Olsen 1848, a Norwegian company, is making progress in the renewable energy sector with its latest project. The company has deployed a 50 x 50-meter floating solar pilot offshore Risør, Norway, which is expected to be completed this spring.

The main objective of this project is to test and improve the components of the BRIZO floating photovoltaic (PV) technology. The BRIZO system is designed to follow the movement of the ocean while withstanding the harsh offshore conditions.

One of the key features of the floating solar modules is their ability to operate in various environments, including inland waterways, nearshore areas, and fully offshore locations. The modules are designed to move individually within a pre-tensioned rope mesh, which prevents collisions. This innovative design addresses the challenges posed by wave and wind loads, as the environmental forces are distributed through the mesh and mooring system.

To support the BRIZO system, an operations and maintenance catamaran accompanies the floating solar modules. The next phase of the project will focus on the foundational design work to support a larger 3-megawatt system for commercial application.

According to Fred. Olsen 1848, the pilot project has been crucial in scaling the concepts for larger-scale implementation. It has also provided valuable experience in assembling and transporting floating solar modules, allowing for streamlined processes in future applications.

Additionally, the pilot project has established methods for pre-assembly of the system and proven the feasibility of the rope lock installation methodology. It has also demonstrated reliable floating walkway access via the catamaran vessel for installation and ongoing operation and maintenance of the solar panels.

Overall, Fred. Olsen 1848’s floating solar pilot project is a significant step forward in the development of renewable energy solutions. By testing and improving the BRIZO floating PV technology, the company is contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy production.

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