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The evolution of German climate activism: Embracing direct confrontation and larger gatherings

Members of Germany’s climate activism group Last Generation have announced that they will no longer use the controversial tactic of gluing themselves to streets during protests. This tactic, which has been used in recent years to block traffic and create chaos in busy cities, aims to generate “peaceful friction.” However, it has also sparked anger and frustration among many.

In a statement released on Monday, the group revealed that they will now focus on holding “disobedient assemblies.” This new approach will involve gathering in larger numbers instead of dividing into smaller groups and blocking roads. Last Generation emphasized that their protests will continue to be “unignorable.”

Over the past two years, Last Generation has gained notoriety for their various tactics in their campaign for climate action. In addition to blocking roads in Berlin and other cities, they have sprayed the capital’s Brandenburg Gate with orange paint and engaged in other forms of protest. However, these tactics have received widespread criticism, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz describing them as “completely nutty.”

Despite the change in tactics, Last Generation stressed that the number of demonstrators has significantly increased in the past two years. They affirmed their commitment to protesting in a different form but maintained that their actions will remain unignorable.

Moving forward, the group plans to “directly confront” those they hold responsible for climate destruction. This includes confronting politicians and decision-makers in public and on camera. Additionally, Last Generation will increasingly visit places associated with fossil fuel destruction to protest against it, such as airports, oil pipelines, and energy companies.

It is worth noting that Last Generation’s recent actions have been overshadowed by protests against Germany’s far right and other demonstrations, including farmers protesting against cuts to their diesel subsidies. However, the group remains determined to make their voices heard and push for urgent action on climate change.

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