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The aim of the Rosewood Miramar is to foster circular sustainability.

The sustainable tourism industry has become a significant market valued at $18.1 billion, with a growing number of travelers expressing a desire to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting sustainable initiatives. Many properties around the world have embraced sustainable practices, including environmental preservation, waste reduction, and the use of non-toxic products.

Rosewood Hotel Group, known for its commitment to delivering positive impact, has implemented programs such as Rosewood Empowers and Rosewood Sustains to ensure equal access to opportunity and protect the environment for future generations. The culinary program at Rosewood Miramar Beach is a prime example of this commitment, with a focus on building relationships with local purveyors, promoting plant-based menus, and managing food waste. Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed, Vice President of Social Impact at Rosewood Hotel Group, highlights the importance of considering both people and the planet in their business practices.

The Rosewood Miramar Beach, located on one of Southern California’s most pristine beaches, takes its responsibility as a resident of the area seriously. The resort seamlessly blends luxury with sustainability, aiming to give back to its surroundings and minimize its overall impact. Managing Director Rick Fidel emphasizes the importance of sustainability in today’s business landscape, stating that hotels must embody sustainable practices to meet travelers’ expectations. The resort has taken steps to eliminate plastic water bottles, source locally from farmers, and highlight the stories behind the ingredients used in its menus.

Beyond these efforts, the Rosewood Miramar Beach prioritizes its food and beverage programming as a key area for sustainability. By sourcing locally and supporting local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers, the resort reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. The resort even has its own vegetable garden and bee hives, which are used in culinary and spa offerings. Additionally, the Rosewood Miramar Beach is committed to seafood sustainability through partnerships with organizations such as the James Beard Foundation SmartCatch program and Fish Choice.

The resort’s sustainability initiatives extend beyond its own operations and into the local community. It has implemented a compostable program in partnership with the City of Montecito to help regenerate soil on neighboring farms. The resort also participates in a food recovery plan with the Montecito Friendship Center, ensuring that no food goes to waste. These efforts have not only supported the community and environment but have also earned the resort the prestigious MICHELIN Green Star for its Caruso’s restaurant.

Executive Chef Massimo Falsini, who leads the culinary team at Rosewood Miramar Beach, takes pride in embracing regenerative agriculture and ocean sustainability. He believes in a holistic approach to cooking, considering Mother Nature in every step of the creative process. With a commitment to sustainable practices, the resort aims to provide guests with exceptional experiences while minimizing its impact on the environment.

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