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Saratoga councilmember assumes leadership role in clean energy nonprofit – The Mercury News

Saratoga City Councilmember Tina Walia has been elected as the board chair of Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) for the year 2024. Walia, who joined the SVCE Board of Directors in 2021 and served as vice chair in 2023, brings a wealth of experience to her new role. During her time as vice chair, she chaired the SVCE Executive Committee and also sat on several other committees, including the Finance and Administration Committee, CEO Search Ad Hoc Committee, and Transition Ad Hoc Committee.

One of Walia’s notable contributions as vice chair was voting to approve three long-term contracts for renewable energy projects that were administered by SVCE, a clean energy aggregator based in Sunnyvale. These projects are part of SVCE’s efforts to promote and support renewable energy initiatives in the region.

In addition to Walia’s appointment as board chair, George Tyson, a Councilmember from Los Altos Hills, will serve as the vice chair of the SVCE board in 2024. As a joint powers agency, SVCE is governed by a board of directors comprised of one elected representative from each member community. The board meetings are open to the public and held virtually on the second Wednesday of every month.

Walia expressed her commitment to providing clear direction and collaborating with all stakeholders in order to make effective policy decisions for SVCE and the communities it serves. She believes that this approach will lead to positive outcomes and benefits for both the agency and its constituents.

In other news, SVCE recently released information regarding the cost and energy savings achieved by Saratoga residents with the help of the clean energy aggregator. Saratoga SVCE customers, who amount to 11,600 households and businesses, enjoyed significant savings in 2023. On-bill savings for Saratoga customers totaled $513,200, showcasing the financial benefits of choosing clean energy. Furthermore, Saratogans received $180,200 in cash payments for generating surplus solar energy, as well as $111,000 in SVCE rebates for electric home upgrades.

For more detailed information on SVCE board meetings, interested individuals can visit the official website at Similarly, those who want to learn more about the services provided by SVCE can visit

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