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New research in Psychology reveals methods to enhance worldwide climate consciousness and promote climate action

An international team of scientists has developed a web-based tool that can help increase climate awareness and action worldwide. The tool, called the Climate Intervention Webapp, was created based on experimental research that tested the effectiveness of different messaging themes related to climate change. The study involved nearly 250 researchers and over 59,000 participants from 63 countries.

The tool takes into account various factors such as nationality, political ideology, age, gender, education, and income level to tailor the messaging for different target audiences. It can be used by policymakers and practitioners to generate support for climate policy or to encourage climate action.

The researchers tested several messaging interventions, including presenting the consequences of climate change in a “doom and gloom” style, highlighting successful climate actions taken in the past, and framing climate action as a patriotic or popular choice. They also assessed participants’ support for climate-related views, policies, and actions, as well as their willingness to share climate-mitigation information on social media.

Overall, the study found that there was a global consensus on the dangers of climate change and the importance of systemic/collective action. However, the effectiveness of the messaging interventions varied across countries and demographics. For example, emphasizing scientific consensus on climate change increased support for climate-friendly policies in some countries but decreased it in others. Asking participants to write a letter to a future generation member outlining their climate actions had varying effects on policy support in different countries.

The study also found that messaging presented in a “doom and gloom” style was effective in stimulating sharing on social media but decreased support for tree-planting initiatives. The researchers concluded that effective climate outreach depends on tailoring the messaging to the characteristics and beliefs of the target audience.

The findings of the study provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of climate messaging and highlight the need for targeted and tailored approaches to climate communication. The Climate Intervention Webapp can serve as a valuable tool for policymakers and advocates in their efforts to increase climate awareness and action.

Source: [Psychology study unearths ways to bolster global climate awareness and climate action](

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