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LONGi Solar has established a firm foothold in Hungary and Romania by successfully penetrating the market through its high-quality modules, in collaboration with Solargroup.

The photovoltaic industry has experienced a significant technological shift in the past year, with new and high-efficiency solar cells taking the spotlight and replacing outdated technologies. Manufacturers have largely chosen n-type TopCon solar modules and heterojunction modules (HJT), with a few embracing back contact technologies. One such company is LONGi Solar, whose high-end back contact modules are now available in Hungary and Romania through its distributor Solargroup Energy.

Compared to PERC modules, back contact solar cell technologies achieve efficiency rates of over 23% without sacrificing reliability, which is around 21.3% for PERC modules. LONGi has developed its own innovative cell technology called Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC), which further enhances efficiency. With the new HPBC cell technology, LONGi has introduced the Hi-Mo X6 series, designed for residential, commercial, and industrial segments. These modules offer an impressive 23.3% module efficiency, surpassing TopCon’s 22.5%. In low sunlight conditions, they deliver more power compared to TopCon and PERC modules.

LONGi’s modules have a busbar-free design, resulting in a +2.27% increase in light-absorption efficiency and only a 0.38% power loss, while TopCon modules experience a 4.55% power loss. The absence of gridlines also enhances the aesthetics of the solar modules, which is becoming increasingly important in the residential segment.

In terms of market trends, Tamás Szentirmai, LONGi’s Regional Sales Manager, warns against choosing low-priced solar panels. He explains that the industry is experiencing fierce competition and price wars, particularly with outdated technologies like PERC. Many manufacturers have scaled up their production capacities, leading to the four biggest players being capable of meeting global demand. However, financial difficulties are expected to arise for many manufacturers in the coming years, making it crucial to choose stable manufacturers that can provide warranty support.

LONGi prioritizes high-quality and reliable products to safeguard the reliability of PV investments. Thanks to state-of-the-art production technologies, strict quality control processes, and the LONGi Quality Life-Cycle Management System, their modules have a 70% lower failure rate compared to the industry average.

To expand into local markets, it is essential for global players like LONGi to have committed and reliable local partners. Solargroup Energy has become one of LONGi’s most important distributors in Hungary and Romania. Solargroup focuses on promoting LONGi’s brand exclusively in these competitive markets. Their enhanced sales and marketing service, along with their emphasis on educating customers about the value of reliability and better cell technology, is particularly valuable.

Solargroup Energy, founded in 1997, is an importer and distributor of high-quality photovoltaic equipment. With over 25 years of experience, they were one of the first companies in Hungary to install photovoltaic panels. They also have a presence in Romania for more than a decade. Solargroup is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, keeping partners informed about industry trends, offering technical support, and developing tailor-made offers to meet individual needs. They are distributors of popular manufacturers such as LONGi.

In conclusion, LONGi Solar’s high-end back contact modules, powered by their innovative HPBC cell technology, offer superior efficiency and reliability. Partnering with Solargroup Energy, LONGi aims to provide customers with top-quality and reliable PV products, ensuring long-term investments in clean and renewable energy sources.

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