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JLFestival 2024 | Despite increasing awareness, climate change remains inadequately addressed: Insights from ReNew’s Sumant Sinha

Sumant Sinha, the founder, chairman, and CEO of ReNew, the first Indian renewable energy company to be listed on NASDAQ, is a prominent figure in the fight against climate change. Sinha recently authored a book titled “Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World,” which explores the urgency, challenges, and opportunities of transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18 during the Jaipur Literature Festival, Sinha discussed his latest release, the growing awareness about climate change, and the importance of increasing awareness. Sinha’s journey towards renewable energy and climate change began approximately 15 years ago when he recognized the significance of the issue. Despite climate change not being widely acknowledged at that time, Sinha believed it would become one of the most crucial challenges humanity would face. Thus, he decided to venture into the sector. Over the years, the level of interest and awareness about climate change has significantly increased, and it has become a topic of conversation that requires collective action.

When asked about the younger generation’s consciousness regarding climate change, Sinha acknowledged that they are more aware but emphasized the need for further consciousness. He stated that schools and colleges are now educating students about climate change, but the youth must witness the consequences of climate change, such as pollution and weather changes, to truly understand its impact.

Regarding his motivation behind writing “Fossil Free,” Sinha expressed that insufficient knowledge about the problem and its potential solutions compelled him to write the book. He aimed to create awareness among the youth and the general public, as the solutions already exist but are not widely known.

Sinha also highlighted the economic benefits of boosting the renewable energy sector. He stated that the world now recognizes the importance of addressing climate change and that the energy transition needs to occur as quickly as possible. Countries that lead in this transition will become market and technology leaders. Sinha believes India has the opportunity to become a global market leader in renewable energy and is already making significant progress in this area.

When discussing India’s policy stance on climate change and renewable energy, Sinha commended the government’s efforts. He stated that India has done well in terms of policy, demonstrating a strong intent to meet its future energy requirements through renewable sources. The government has initiated projects such as solar and wind farms and has supported the manufacturing industry through production-linked incentive schemes. Additionally, India has introduced initiatives like the National Green Hydrogen Mission and is exploring battery installations. Sinha believes India’s domestic economy, coupled with the need for cleaner solutions, presents a tremendous market opportunity in the renewable energy sector.

Sumant Sinha’s work at ReNew and his book “Fossil Free” exemplify his commitment to combating climate change and transitioning to a sustainable future. Sinha’s efforts, along with India’s policy initiatives, contribute to the global fight against climate change and position India as a potential leader in the renewable energy market.

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