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Introducing Charles County Native Designs’ Fresh License Plate Aimed at Boosting Sustainability

Charles County native Shannon Wang has partnered with Keep La Plata Beautiful (KLPB) to design a license plate that celebrates the town’s commitment to sustainability. Wang, who is a full-time artist and the Chair of the Art Work Group in La Plata, is also the President of the Southern Maryland Business Network and co-owner of Studio 53 Custom Tattoo Studio and Bird City Records.

Wang explained that she has been involved in various art projects since graduating college in Silver Spring. She has designed homes, created beer labels, and painted murals in town. Now, she is using her artistic abilities to contribute to the Keep La Plata Beautiful initiative.

The license plate may appear to be a standard custom Maryland plate with a bird on it, but it holds a deeper meaning. It represents the larger movement that KLPB hopes the community will embrace. KLPB states that La Plata is committed to sustainable practices through programs like Bird City Maryland, Bee City USA, Tree City USA, and Sustainable Maryland. The license plate incorporates La Plata’s official bird, the Purple Martin, as a symbol of the town’s dedication to sustainability.

Keep La Plata Beautiful’s primary goal is to promote balance between environmental, social, and economic interests for community sustainability. They encourage community engagement in activities such as litter cleanup, planting native trees, public art, historic preservation, and responsible stewardship of La Plata’s resources.

KLPB invites the community to get involved and spread the word about their initiatives. To learn more and participate, individuals can visit KLPB’s Facebook and Instagram pages (@keeplaplatabeautiful) and join the sustainable La Plata Facebook group. They can also apply for a license plate through the official La Plata town website or pick one up at the town hall.

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