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Fort Collins introduces a new sustainable business program that is bilingual

The city of Fort Collins will be launching a new sustainable business program called NoCoBiz Connect on Thursday. This program aims to build on the success of the city’s previous ClimateWise program, which ended in 2019. To help run the program, the city has selected Monarca Group of Erie as their partner. The program will focus on not only environmental sustainability but also social and economic sustainability.

Peter Iengo, the city’s senior community engagement specialist, stated that NoCoBiz Connect will offer personalized support to businesses and create a platform for them to discuss challenges and barriers related to sustainability. Monarca Group specializes in triple bottom line solutions, allowing them to effectively communicate with diverse communities.

The program will kick off on Thursday from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at the Lyric on 1209 N. College Ave. The event will include breakfast, music, networking opportunities, giveaways, and a short presentation about the program. Iengo explained that NoCoBiz Connect aims to make sustainability more accessible to businesses by offering personalized support and creating a space for collaboration.

Partnering with Monarca Group will also enhance accessibility for Spanish-speaking businesses. Berenice Garcia Tellez, the President of Monarca Group, stated that they will focus on reaching underserved business owners and using social economic strategies to generate interest in sustainability. For example, a food truck or restaurant can save money and energy by replacing lights with LED lights.

Monarca Group will actively reach out to underserved businesses to spread awareness about the program. Javier Echeverria, a senior financial analyst with the city, acknowledged that there can be a barrier of trust between underserved business owners and the government. However, he reassured that the city is offering personalized engagement and tailored financial incentives to help businesses adopt sustainable practices.

The program is free and will provide all materials in both English and Spanish. It will also offer support, networking opportunities, workshops, and financial incentives. To register for the launch party of NoCoBiz Connect, interested individuals can visit More information about the program can be found at

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