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Fluence is chosen by Origin for a 300 MW battery installation at the Mortlake project in Australia.

Origin Energy has chosen Fluence as the provider for a 300 MW / 650 MWh battery at its Mortlake Power Station in southwest Victoria. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is set to be commissioned in late 2026, following detailed design and procurement activities, as well as site preparation and civil works.

Situated in Victoria’s South West Renewable Energy Zone, the BESS will store excess power generated during periods of high renewable output and discharge it during peak demand. Fluence Energy, headquartered in the United States, is a leading global company in energy storage products and services, as well as optimization software for renewables and storage. Recently, the firm celebrated a significant achievement, surpassing 20 GWh of deployed and contracted energy storage systems worldwide.

Julian Nebreda, President and CEO of Fluence, expressed his gratitude for Origin’s decision, stating, “We are honored to be selected by Origin to deliver this grid-forming battery-based energy storage system and deploy our ecosystem of solutions.” He also highlighted the importance of the Australian market for Fluence, emphasizing their contribution to enhancing grid stability and supporting the country’s clean energy transition through over 1 GW of energy storage projects.

Fluence operates in 47 markets globally, aiding the shift towards clean energy sources. Their offerings range from modular, scalable energy storage products to comprehensive service packages. They also provide the Fluence IQ Platform, which utilizes AI-enabled digital applications to manage and optimize renewables and storage from any provider.

At the Mortlake Power Station, Fluence’s Gridstack energy storage product will be utilized, supported by a 15-year service agreement. Additionally, Fluence’s AI-powered asset performance management (APM) software, Nispera, will optimize the battery’s operational performance.

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