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Fabrics designed for everyday use that offer both sustainability and sophistication in terms of comfort.

ISKO’s new Casual Line brings together years of expertise in textiles and innovative materials to create a collection of versatile fabrics for modern living. These fabrics combine elegance with all-day comfort and are made with renewable resources and recycled materials, highlighting ISKO’s commitment to sustainability.

The Casual Line is designed with the everyday in mind, offering comfortable and sophisticated woven fabrics. These fabrics are perfect for any occasion, providing both elegance and comfort in one look. They are versatile, offering support with low-to-high stretch performance, and can be worn to casual outings or semi-formal events. Whether it’s for work, social events, leisure, or physical activities, Casual Line fabrics are designed to fit diverse modern lifestyles and cater to people of all ages.

What sets the Casual Line apart is its unique patented fabric technology. The yarns used in these fabrics are made with FSC® certified viscose and certified post-consumer recycled polyester. By combining these materials in varying percentages, a range of versatile fabrics is created. The long-length fibers give the fabrics a fine appearance with excellent durability. The cellulosic viscose provides breathability and a soft touch, contributing to the fabrics’ comfort, while the recycled polyester provides strength, resiliency, and easy care.

ISKO’s Casual Line is the next step in everyday fashion for those seeking comfort, style, versatility, and sophistication. It complements our everyday lives with elegant simplicity and affordable luxury, allowing us to look effortlessly refined.

To learn more about ISKO’s Casual Line and their other products, visit their website and follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also find their products on the PV Marketplace. For inquiries, you can contact them at

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