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Estes Industries, based in rural areas, secures funding from the Rural Renewable Energy Grant, as reported by the Ark Valley Voice Staff.

Estes Industries in Fremont County, Colorado, has received a $520,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program, announced U.S. Representative Brittany Pettersen (CO-07). The grant will assist Estes Industries in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

The funds will be used to construct a solar array that will meet 98% of the facility’s annual energy requirements. This transition to renewable energy will not only benefit the environment but also support the local economy by enabling Estes Industries to continue employing Coloradans. The grant is part of a nationwide effort to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change in rural areas.

Representative Pettersen emphasized the importance of supporting small businesses in their transition to environmentally-friendly practices. She expressed her satisfaction with federal investments in modern renewable technology, stating that these investments will contribute to the local economy and help Fremont County’s renewable transition take off.

Mallory Langford, President of Estes Industries, expressed gratitude for the support received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Langford highlighted the company’s commitment to the community and its pride in bringing nearly a megawatt of solar power to Fremont County. The solar array will provide cleaner and more cost-effective energy, supporting the company’s growth in Penrose for years to come.

The new solar array will replace 867,022 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy, which is equivalent to powering 80 homes, according to the USDA. The funding for this project comes from the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which aims to assist agricultural producers and rural small business owners in making energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy investments. The program helps lower energy costs, generate income, and enhance the resilience of operations.

This funding is made possible in part by President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which represents the largest-ever investment in combating the climate crisis.

Estes Industries is a renowned company that specializes in the mass production of reliable model rocket engines. With its involvement in research, development, testing, and production of small rocket motors for defense and aerospace projects, the company plays a significant role in the industry.

The Estes site in Fremont County serves as a design lab, assembly lines, and rocket motor manufacturing facility. It also houses warehouses, machinery, and management offices. Additionally, the site functions as an educational facility, partnering with the Air Force Academy and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) for rocket building and testing activities.

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