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Equinix has entered into an unprecedented agreement for purchasing a significant amount of power.

Equinix, a global data center company, has partnered with renewable energy developer wpd to sign seven power purchase agreements (PPAs) in France. The deal, facilitated by Schneider Electric, includes four wind projects in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, two in Hauts-de-France, and one wind farm in Pays de la Loire, providing over 100 MW in capacity.

This agreement is a significant step toward Equinix’s goal of achieving global climate neutrality by 2030. It also aims to provide financial assistance to the generation of renewable energy in France. Régis Castagné, Managing Director of Equinix France, expressed pride in signing one of the largest PPAs in French history, emphasizing Equinix’s dedication to investing in renewable energy solutions worldwide.

Equinix’s commitment to responsible business decisions and supporting customers on their sustainable journeys is evident in this partnership. By signing this deal with wpd, Equinix is taking a big leap forward in its own path to becoming climate neutral by 2030.

Wpd, a company that signed its first PPA in 2013, believes that these agreements strengthen the competitiveness of the French market and support the country’s reindustrialization. Grégoire Simon, President of wpd France, highlights the economic viability of these energy solutions for companies willing to engage in the energy transition.

These contracts will come into effect by 2025 and will support renewable energy until 2045. Equinix’s collaboration with wpd marks its twentieth PPA globally, contributing to an overall contracted capacity of 912 MW.

This news is particularly significant as power generation supply in key data center markets is struggling to meet the demand for high-density capacity required for AI, cloud, and digital transformation. Equinix’s commitment to renewable energy helps address this challenge while promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

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