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Clean Energy NH has been designated as a 2024 Champion in Action by The Union Leader.

Clean Energy NH Honored as a 2024 Champion in Action

Clean Energy NH, an organization dedicated to promoting clean and sustainable energy solutions, has been recognized as a 2024 Champion in Action. This prestigious award, presented by Citizens Bank and NH Union Leader, acknowledges organizations that make a significant impact in their communities.

Clean Energy NH has long been at the forefront of the clean energy movement in New Hampshire. Their commitment to promoting renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has earned them this well-deserved recognition. The organization’s efforts to educate the public, advocate for favorable clean energy policies, and support local businesses in adopting sustainable practices have all contributed to their selection as a Champion in Action.

Citizens Bank, in partnership with NH Union Leader, presents the Champion in Action award to organizations that excel in their respective fields and demonstrate a deep commitment to improving their communities. Clean Energy NH’s focus on advancing clean energy initiatives aligns perfectly with the goals of this prestigious award.

Clean Energy NH’s Executive Director, Sarah Brown, expressed her gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the importance of clean energy in addressing climate change and creating a sustainable future. She stated, “We are thrilled to be recognized as a Champion in Action. This award will further motivate us to continue our efforts to promote clean energy and drive positive change in New Hampshire.”

Clean Energy NH has been instrumental in advocating for clean energy policies that support the growth of renewable energy sources in the state. They have worked tirelessly to educate lawmakers and the public about the benefits of clean energy, including job creation, reduced energy costs, and a healthier environment. Their efforts have resulted in the implementation of several clean energy programs and initiatives throughout New Hampshire.

In addition to policy advocacy, Clean Energy NH has actively supported local businesses in adopting clean energy practices. By providing resources, guidance, and financial incentives, they have helped numerous businesses transition to clean energy solutions. These efforts not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the economic growth of the state.

Clean Energy NH’s recognition as a 2024 Champion in Action highlights their dedication and success in promoting clean energy. Their tireless efforts to educate and advocate for sustainable energy solutions have undoubtedly made a significant impact in New Hampshire. As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change, organizations like Clean Energy NH play a crucial role in driving the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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