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Arket has formed a partnership with the circular platform Bundlee.

Arket, a brand owned by H&M, has announced a partnership with Bundlee, a children’s clothing rental service. Bundlee, which was founded in 2018 and is based in London, specializes in circular children’s clothing, aiming to extend the life of garments that are usually only worn for a short period of time.

Through this collaboration, subscribers will have the opportunity to rent key infant and toddler items from Arket’s collection. This not only saves customers money, time, and space, but also provides a sustainable way to reduce the environmental impact of clothing.

Sofia Snöborgs Tüll, Head of Production and Sustainability at Arket, highlights the importance of designing for longevity and reducing the environmental footprint of clothes. Rental services play a significant role in the fashion industry’s future, allowing children’s clothes to be loved and used by multiple wearers.

Retailers are increasingly adopting rental and circular programs as part of their offerings. This shift towards conscious consumption not only meets changing customer desires, but also creates new revenue streams through alternative channels. Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, which enhances the brand’s values and image.

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