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Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe Reveals its Most Substantial Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement

Ardagh Group Packaging Europe (AGP-Europe) has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Renewable Power Capital (RPC) for 100% of the capacity of the Vitberget wind farm in Sweden. The PPA is set to begin in 2026, coinciding with the start of operations at Vitberget. This agreement will cover around 40% of AGP-Europe’s power load and help offset Ardagh’s Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy plays a crucial role in Ardagh’s sustainability strategy. This new PPA represents a significant step towards achieving Ardagh’s goal of transitioning to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. It also aligns with the company’s commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions.

Vitberget is one of four wind farms in the Kramfors and Sollefteå municipalities, with a total capacity of 553MW. RPC recently announced its order of 80 Nordex turbines for these wind farms, demonstrating its dedication to the Swedish wind sector.

This PPA, combined with the Nordex turbine order, reinforces RPC’s commitment to advancing the Swedish land-based wind sector and contributing to the decarbonization of European industries.

Martin Petersson, CEO of AGP-Europe, expressed his delight at securing renewable energy from RPC through this long-term partnership. He emphasized the significance of this PPA in the context of AGP’s sustainability roadmap and its efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Steve Hunter, Managing Director of Power Markets and Asset Management at RPC, highlighted the company’s pride in closing yet another PPA, particularly for a wind farm that is part of its largest project to date. RPC looks forward to collaborating with Ardagh as they work together to decarbonize the glass packaging sector.

A Life Cycle Analysis conducted in 2023 revealed the carbon savings achieved by the NextGenFurnace at AGP’s facility in Obernkirchen, Germany. This furnace, which operates with 80% renewable electricity and 20% gas, is expected to produce glass bottles with significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional furnaces. Depending on the production mix, the NextGen Furnace has the potential to save up to 45,000 tons of carbon annually.

The PPA between AGP-Europe and RPC represents a significant milestone in Ardagh’s sustainability journey and demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. By securing renewable energy and investing in innovative technologies, Ardagh is actively contributing to the global transition to a low-carbon future.

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